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Repak is an industry funded organisation whose aim is to facilitate and grow packaging recycling.  Based on the principle of producer responsibility, Repak was established to help businesses meet their legal obligations to fund the recovery and recycling of the packaging on the goods or services they supply, as set out in the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007.

Repak is a packaging compliance scheme which, since 1997, has helped its 2,000 member companies meet their legal obligation to fund the recovery and recycling of the packaging they have produced or supplied onto the Irish market.

If your company has a turnover of more than a million euro and places 10 tonnes or more of packaging onto the Irish market, you are legally obliged to comply with the Packaging Regulations.

This can be done by joining Repak and paying an annual fee.

The Repak fee structure and free member supports are designed to incentivise the use of minimal and more easily recycled materials. If you avail of our free Prevent and Save service, you may even reduce your annual fee.

Thanks to member companies and the €300,000,000 they have contributed since the inception of Repak, Ireland is now the 2nd in Europe in terms of recycling. There are 1,200,000 green bins outside Irish homes, which means Repak members do not have to take back their customers packaging waste

Irish Hospitality businesses that fall within the packaging waste compliance may include – Hotels, Large bars, Fast Food restaurants, etc.  These businesses fall within our “Scheduled Membership” category with annual costs from only €400.

2016 Special Offer – Repak have made a special offer to the Hotel Sector – valid to 30th April 2016 – No Back Fees, No Registration Fee – pay your membership fee by Direct Debit.  Details here - says – “This will save hotels €thousands of back fees – This is a no-brainer”

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