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GreaseShield® is a Pro-Active Mechanical Grease Trap operating in real time, taking advantage of waste thermal energy present in effluent being discharged from commercial kitchens to remove emulsified FOGs, particularly saturated animal fats before they solidify.

GreaseShield® products bring innovative engineering solutions to the problems of FOGs.

Functionality – Effluent being discharged from commercial kitchens protected by GreaseShield® has very low BOD and SS levels with an average FOG effluent strength of < 42 ppm reflecting the average of many FSEs over a 3 year period.  Even more impressive results have been recorded when testing the effluent from convection and combi steam ovens used for cooking chickens and pork, etc.

Cost Savings – Operational costs associated with pumping greasetraps and kitchen downtime are avoided, as are civil engineering costs associated with installation of passive traps and the costs associated with drain blockages, including jetting expenses and the need to excavate soakaways, reline drainage networks and the remediation of contaminated soakaways.  Non-compliance costs and fines can be eliminated.

Revenue Generation – Harvesting renewable energy resources in the form of high calorific FOGs presents the potential for converting negative value wastes into a valuable income stream.  Repeated testing and observations have determined that GreaseShields remove twice as much FOGs than the nearest competitor in addition to protecting pump stations and avoiding malodours.

Protection of the Environment – Safeguard drainage systems and water courses whilst eliminating operational problems and saving money.


FOGs are removed “proactively” and in real time. GreaseShield® is NOT a passive greasetrap albeit it is designed to retain FOGs deriving from grease laden effluent and has been extensively tested and certified in accordance with a number of standards set out in the technical specifications.

GreaseShields® are designed to prevent blockages of FOG origin in drains, protecting pump stations and significantly reducing the loading on waste water treatment plants. GreaseShield® achieves significant reductions in the BOD; COD: FOG and SS loading levels of effluent being discharged from commercial food service premises.  The recurring need to pump greasetraps and refill with clean water is eliminated as is the costly use of biological agents, enzymes and chemicals.

GreaseShield® protects drainage systems and harvests renewable energy resources by using waste thermal energy to remove emulsified FOGs before they solidify, additionally removing and dewatering organic waste eliminating anaerobic foul smelling conditions, providing a complete solution to the issues of drainage protection both internally and externally.

Solid organic food wastes are removed from the GreaseShield® so as to prevent biological degradation and anaerobic conditions developing.

GreaseShields® use a combination of retaining baffles; including a magnetic baffle, reverse flow configuration, re-circulating features and the differing specific gravities of water and FOGs, complemented by thermal layers within the effluent. All of these factors, working in conjunction with the properties of the unique oleophilic and hydrophobic FOG removal means, are contained within compact units that are easily installed in commercial kitchens, where space is at a premium.

All GreaseShields® are controlled by a PLC allowing the units to work 24 / 7. GreaseShield® works while the kitchen is working. GreaseShields® remove FOGs, by pulsing the FOG Removal means “On” for 5 minutes and then “Off” for 5 minutes. In all ECO models, during each 5 minute “On” cycle the internal recirculation activates for 10 seconds in every 90 seconds, enhancing FOG removal. The silicone wiper bade has anti friction properties to prevent static build-up. FOGs in the GreaseShield® low level units are detected by electronic sensors and removal of saturated fats is achieved before the grease solidifies. LED lights indicate visually Mains power to the GreaseShield® unit. FOG removal is indicated by an LED illuminating and the third LED indicates the recirculation function and transfer of FOGs from the low level tank.  FOGs are removed “proactively” and in real time.

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