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Calor Gas – A Complete Energy Efficient Solution for the Hospitality Sector

As the hospitality and catering sector, by definition – is always on, efficient energy management can play a crucial role in the success of any hospitality or catering enterprise.

Calor has extensive experience in this sector, from large-scale venues and hotels to busy restaurants and guesthouses – and have dedicated Energy Advisors, who work in partnership with clients to consistently deliver solutions that save money, conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

While gas may be the fuel of choice for chefs all over Ireland, the flexibility and convenience of Calor LPG means that it can also power a range of applications right across the hospitality industry – heating water or spaces, and powering air conditioning and laundry facilities.

Calor Gas has pioneered energy-saving, cost-effective solutions for heating every type of space and the challenges each presents, from five star hotel leisure facilities to comfortable, cosy restaurants. When heating water, Calor LPG powered instant water heaters provide infinite hot water, on demand – which eliminates any risk of running out during busy peak business periods.

An example of this can be seen here in the case study for the Europe Hotel

Economical tumble drying with Calor powered tumble driers is a real benefit for those businesses who manage their laundry on site. From standalone dryers to full in-house laundry facilities, Calor Gas powered tumble dryers offer fantastic savings.

Among the advantages Calor gas can offer over other fuel options are reduced running costs, reduced maintenance costs, greater efficiency, and reduced CO2 emissions. Calor LPG is a versatile, portable and manageable fuel that is easily stored and delivered in cylinder and bulk tank form. It is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available, producing far lower carbon emissions than oil, coal, peat and even electricity.

For further information or to speak to a Calor Energy advisor contact our Calor contact centre on 1850 812 450 (ROI) / 028 9045 5588 (NI), email, or visit



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