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Feel free to browse through the Resources that are available here for you. This centre is designed to provide all the information you need to implement Resource Efficiency within your business.

Each button will take you deeper into the website but by hitting Home Page in the  Member Area tabs on the right you will be brought back here. There is a wealth of information within the members section and we are constantly adding to it so take your time.

The key to Resource Efficiency is to have a Plan, Monitor & Target and regularly review performance. Our Benchmark Tools and other Services will help you through this process and we would encourage you to engage more closely with us, especially in the initial years of your Resource Efficiency plan.  Remember, we have been supporting the hospitality sector for over 15 years and can bring a wealth of information, skill and knowledge to bear which will dramatically speed up the Savings you want to embed in your business.

Your Information It is vital that we have the correct information about your business, and you.  Make sure you update us on people changes, especially those in charge of your Green Programme and that the information we have about your business is correct.  Use the enclosed forms to let us know. Services  We recognise that not every business has the internal knowledge to implement these solutions and we can support you directly- especially in the initial years.  Our GREENSave programme can focus on Energy, Water, Waste or Certification support.  A key focus is to identify savings opportunities.
Resource Efficiency This section covers a wide area covering general resource efficiency including – Energy, Water & Waste Management – Green Purchasing – Social Responsibility – Biodiversity – Environmental Management Systems – Best Practice – Case Studies – Getting Started Guides – Tools & Templates – Sectoral advice and much more.
Benchmarking     Without measurement you cannot monitor or manage – this section gives you access to our benchmark models and good practice information
Certification Our Internationally recognised Environmental Award Programme – Eco-label or Award. Whilst we recommend this to all members it is an optional process but a logical follow on after you have implemented your Resource Efficiency Programme. Annual Reporting forms are also found here.
Awards & Green Marketing Competitive Advantage can be gained by promoting your business’s “Green” image. Find out how to communicate your message and the myriad of Green Awards available where your business can be recognised and your people can be recognised for their great work
Commentary A new section where we will publish papers, studies, research documents, etc. that we feel are of interest to our members and the general debate on climate change and its impacts on businesses
Recent Publications Our quick reference section for recent publications. Before we save them within some other section all new publications will be shown here – so login regularly to have a look.