Benchmarking – Measuring and Monitoring

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Benchmarking is a minimum requirement for any business to enable it to understand and manage their utility costs (Energy, Waste, Water). have created a number of workbooks (excel based) to assist members in gathering their data so that the business performance can be assessed and decisions can be taken and targets set based on actual relevant information.

Annually we produce national figures for the hotel sector and when sufficient data is available we will create benchmarks

We review the workbooks annually and “tweak” or update them as we come across good ideas, feedback from members, or changes to statistics.  This is why you should always download a fresh copy every year from our website as it will be the most up-to-date one.


You will find our national benchmark statistics and other benchmark statistics here

Benchmark Statistics Link


We are in the process of developing an online benchmark tool/service to enable all hospitality businesses maintain and update their data on a regular basis.  We will advise members how this is progressing through our newsletter and e-zines – and keep an eye here.

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