Our Internationally recognised Environmental Award Programme – Eco-label or Award for the Built Environment. Whilst we recommend working towards certification to all members it is an optional process but a logical follow on after you have implemented your Resource Efficiency Programme and helps you to;

Maintain the savings you embed through the Resource Efficiency improvements

- Maintain the standards you have introduced within your business

- Promote your business as being a Green and Responsible Business – independently verified

Use the following sections to backup your Green Folder and to download documents and tools and templates.  All we ask of you is that you take your time and read all the information and instructions – rather than rushing in.

Introduction and Guide to implementing the programme

Certification Guide & Understanding the Initial Mandatory Steps 12.4 

Criteria by sector

Guide to Criteria  

Verification format for Criteria

Tools & Templates to support Verification

Applying for certification

Annual Members Returns & Reports

Terms & Conditions