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Hospitality businesses can become a Resource Efficiency Member or just select some of the services a la carte.  We would recommend adopting the membership approach as members receive excellent discounts.

New members should engage a GREENStart package for their first year and then select the GREENSave package that suits their business for following years – see Membership Packages guide above.  This package includes an initial visit which will greatly assist the member in identifying key opportunities and cost savings actions and generally we find delivers solutions that can save thousands of euro.

Subsequent years membership can then be assessed and simple membership, package and/or certification can be decided on – it’s about selecting the services that suit the business. recommends that any business spending over €75,000 per annum on Energy, Water and Waste Disposal should sign up for one of our GREENSave Packages  which can include an annual site visit.  This service also incorporates a certification review and benchmark analysis. (Smaller businesses should discuss with what their ideal package should be)

Certification.  It is important to note that by becoming a member of there is no requirement to achieve certification.  This is an optional decision which each business will decide on.  Some will wish to use the certification model as a tool to support changes within the business; others will focus initially on achieving cost savings – will offer whatever support/guidance the business wishes. Membership Key Benefits.  By becoming a Resource Efficiency Member you are entitled to the following benefits;

  • Access to the Resource Database and regular information updates
  • Access to all Tools, Templates, Checklists, etc.
  • Discounted or Free access to training, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Access to the full Certification model and criteria
  • Annual benchmarking review
  • Access to Green Supplier discounts
  • Free Entry to –’s online travel & tourism website (conditions apply)


Certified Members have the following added benefit;

  • Use of the Certified Logo allowing for national/international promotion – competitive advantage

Membership Fees are based on the Total Annual Utility Costs of the member – Energy, Waste & Water.  Businesses should be targeting Nett savings of between 5-20% per annum in the first few years of the programme and should be willing to spend between 2-5% of Utility Costs on developing and supporting an in-house system that will deliver and maintain these savings.