Plastic Smart

Plastic Smart - Good Practice   Plastic Smart - Best Practice

The programme is designed to place the Irish Hotel Sector at the forefront of the War Against Plastic and show that the sector is not alone concerned about its environmental responsibilities but willing to take direct actions to reduce its impact.

Single Use Plastics (SUPs) have been identified as one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues with millions of tons every year dumped into the seas and rivers and not alone killing sea life but enabling micro-plastics to enter the human food chain.

Many hotel and hospitality businesses around the world have already made commitments to eradicating SUPs such as Red Carnation Hotels, Marriott, Hilton, Soneva, Melia, etc. amongst the leading activist hotel companies.  In Ireland the Insomnia Coffee Chain has initiated a compostable only coffee cup policy and Musgraves have committed to only using compostable cups in its coffee shops by September 2018.

The Hotel Sector should not be seen to be playing catch up but should step forward and show leadership in this area.  The short-term additional costs will be outweighed by the goodwill engendered from all stakeholders – Customers, Employees, Government, Local Community, Suppliers, etc.  As compostable SUP’s become the norm the cost differential will decrease and we will end up with a more sustainable society.

In 2002 Ireland was the first country in the world to introduce a charge for single use supermarket plastic bags and almost overnight saw a 95% reduction in their use.  There is no reason that we cannot address the SUPs challenge as well.

SUPs are used across the hospitality sector – both customer facing and behind the scenes.  The GREENMark by “Plastic Smart” programme has 2 key focuses – Minimise SUP containers in customer areas and work with suppliers to consistently reduce non-reusable plastic containers and to standardise the composition of containers to ensure that they can be easily recycled.  The programme has 2 levels – Good Practice (primarily customer facing) and Best Practice (Whole of property approach)

The immediate SUPs targets for the sector are;

Plastic Bottles (Of all sizes), Non-compostable Coffee Cups and Lids, Plastic Straws & Stirrers, Coasters, Takeaway cutlery, etc.  Many of these items are used for a few minutes but can take up to 500 years to biodegrade and have the potential to enter the human food chain.

There are 4 key parts to this programme;

The Plastic Smart Pledge – Hotels sign up to the programme and commit to implementing it over a defined period – no longer than 6 months

Achieving the “Plastic Smart” standard.  The GREENMark by Plastic Smart Standard (Good or Best Practice) will be awarded to every business that has implemented the required standard.

Continuing the work – Having achieved the no SUPs in customer areas the business will work with their suppliers and their representative organisations to identify alternatives to SUPs that is delivered by suppliers.

Communicating the Actions:  Each business will create an easily accessible page on their website and will publish their actions, plans and targets and update their progress at least on an annual basis

Plastic Free Programme Cost

Administration Fee:   €195  (Includes materials/guide, listing, Logo when achieved, window sticker, 1 years programme membership)

Year 2 Plus:                  €95 per property – Free for members

If you want to be part of the programme contact us at