Listing Listing – Recognised Programmes

Recognised Programmes are those businesses that have implemented and follow a third party sustainable, responsible or environmental programme.  These businesses will generally;

  • Have achieved a recognised environmental certification standard
  • Are part of an organisation that requires specific environmental or sustainability actions
  • (A list of the recognised programmes is included within the general programme outline available at the bottom of this page)

Fáilte Ireland Registration. Where a national registration scheme is in place only those businesses that are registered can be listed in

Businesses are listed under the following headings; Accommodation, Travel, Green Tours, Shopping, Destinations, Food & Drink, Activities, Festivals, Meetings.

The pricing schedule is designed to encourage businesses (especially micro and small) to promote their travel/tourism business as responsible and if in doubt about which price level your business is at please contact us directly.   If you feel that your product/service is a “Green” one and you are not a member of one of our recognised programmes then you need to apply for the GreenMark by Recognition Programme.   More information can be found by downloading the General Outline of programme and costings below. Recognition Programme – GreenMark by recognises the challenges facing many businesses and understands that certification or membership of another programme may be too onerous or costly at present or does not fit within the business model.  However, many smaller businesses are already operating their business responsibly – managing their water and waste, using less energy, buying locally, buying responsibly when local produce is not available, communicating their message to customers, supporting local community initiatives, etc.

We have developed the GreenMark by to provide a structure that will enable both you to demonstrate your responsible approach and us to market and promote responsible businesses through

What do you do next?  Have a read through the documents enclosed below and if you feel you can tell a good story and stand over your responsible approach then fill in the Application form and we will get you started.

Documents for Downloading

Application for Listing in Listing – General Outline of programme and costings

GreenMark by Approval – Questionnaire - Required for any business applying for a listing and who are not a member of a Recognised Programme – this is a master document – we have specific ones for Accommodation Providers, Restaurants and Pubs, Activities & Attractions.

Marketing Profile – required to enable a listing to be created – for  all businesses


Promotion of promotes across a wide spectrum and also attends trade shows (subject to member support).  More details will be sent to listed members as opportunities arise.  We also ask listed members to provide us with vouchers to be used at shows and in the media to drive interest.