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Sustainable Water Management Solutions for the Future 

We aim to be the ultimate water management company by not only finding customers leaks and reducing excess water use, but by providing leak repair crews, conducting water audits and ensuring your water systems are operating properly and water bills are fairly distributed.

Lowflo – Water Management and Leak Detection – was established to satisfy the increased demand, by water users in Ireland, to conserve water, find leaks and reduce water bills. In 2007 Lowflo was originally founded and was part of the Dyno-Rod Ireland, of which Charles Dwyer was a director of. In November 2014 the company was bought out by Charles, a new management team was introduced and the company has gone from strength to strength since. With an office in Cork and Dublin there are very few areas in the country we haven’t conducted surveys. In addition to our business in Ireland, we have also conducted work overseas for the likes of the Water Authority of Jordan & the US Air Force, amazing projects and enormously successful.

Lowflo Brochure 2017

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