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Grease Guardian products are designed to trap and remove grease from the sewerage network. With over 15,000 installations in 30 countries the Grease Guardian is removing an estimated 200+ tonnes of grease every year. This grease can be then recycled for biofuel. All products are manufactured in Europe with sustainability in mind using minimal plastics and designed to last 20+ years. By using Grease Guardian you are also providing an alternative to using tanker trucks to pump and remove grease from traditional grease traps every month. Grease Guardians have eco-mode for low wattage usage.

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The Grease Guardian is a stainless steel tank that is installed under sinks inside commercial kitchens and is designed to filter food waste and grease that is discharged to drain during the cooking and cleaning process. The Grease Guardian is essentially a grease trap with the ability to remove the grease automatically. It also has a filtration basket that removes food waste. The Grease Guardian can be installed under sinks or ovens or in basements. The range includes single fixture models as well as models capable of taking entire kitchens. The Grease Guardian range is also supplied to sea going vessels to help manage grease waste at sea.

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