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Wise Up On Waste

Unilever’s Wise Up On Waste is a NEW app for professional kitchens to conveniently monitor and track food waste. The app helps you to identify when and where you are generating the most food waste and what the potential cost saving to your business can be if you reduce your waste by 20%.

It can be surprising how much you can save from small everyday actions.

Use it as a tool to challenge yourself and get your team involved.

Download now to

  • Identify where and when you are generating the most waste
  • Audit specific services throughout the day -breakfast, lunch and/or dinner waste
  • Track your teams progress week by week and identify the indicative cost savings
  • Reveal how much money you could make by reducing waste by 20%
  • Save downloadable practical tools into your own bespoke My Folder for easy access
  • Browse waste action tips, recipes and spoilage prevention tips. View case study videos
  • Learn how you can play your part in supporting the sector in reducing waste and recycling more
  • Use this waste tracker to repeat your audit and monitor your success over time. Share your successes with your team and managers.
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