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GEM’s M2G advanced boiler control (ABC) has been proven to deliver savings in the range 10% – 20%.  Savings are delivered on gas, oil and LPG without any negative impact on heating, kitchen, leisure or hot water services.

There are no maintenance requirements with M2G control and a 5-year warranty applies.   Savings are proven to the industry standard IPMVP.    M2G fits all boiler types and is compatible with all BMS

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GEM’s M2G control is designed to eliminate boiler nuisance activity. Boilers idle on and off at low load conditions and this is completely inhibited by installing M2G saving gas/oil/lpg and wear and tear on expensive boiler plant.

These predictable nuisance activities occur at very low load conditions and are very wasteful of energy leading to increased fossil fuel bills, associated Co2 emissions and unnecessary wear & tear and maintenance on expensive boiler plant.

A full description of M2G including case studies, testimonials and an explanatory video is available on the GEM website at

Contact:  Jeanette McCrossan – 087 8372063

Special offers are available to all GHP members to be discussed on a project by project basis.