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We provide Green Environmentally Friendly Bio-Degradable Cleaning Products to the Hospitality Sector.

For Commercial kitchens, we provide Mainclean degreaser cleaner for hard surfaces & tiled floors. Eco-Bact sanitizer cleaner for food preparation areas, counter & dining table tops. Skavanger is a fats & grease injestor for kitchen sinks & drains dissolving blockage  build up in minutes & leaving a citrus aroma. K-Scale is an all purpose de – scaler of lime scale from ovens, steamers, boilers, pipes & kettles.  Ultra Clean dishwasher machine liquid & Rinse – Aid plus Sink washing up liquid. Sanitised hand soap.

For Bathrooms & Bedrooms, we provide Aquagel, an all in one product that cleans, shines & sanitises tiles, mirrors, washbasins, toilets, bidet, showers & baths. Anaflow removes lime scale from vitreous enamel & stainless steel urinals & toilets. Bio-Enzyme 500 breaks down fats using harmless bacteria which is compatible for septic tanks.

Ab-Sorbit, effectively absorbs all emergency sickness & incontinence spillages from mattresses, carpets, seats & floors within two minutes. Pear Drops spray neutralises unpleasant odours & leaves a pleasant fragrance when used on carpets, curtains, upholstery seats & in washrooms & food refuse bins.

For the Laundry, we provide Bio-Detergent, Fabric Softener & Conditioner. Sterikleen minimises cross contamination & sterilises bed clothes.

Graffiti & Chewing Gum removing products are also available for purchase, as is Ice-Breaker which melts snow & ice in minutes without damaging wood & floor tiles or carpets. This product may also be used to melt ice in commercial freezers.

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ECO Cleaning Products was established in 2014 by Chris Maxwell ( formerly Head of American Express in Ireland) & Wally Kavanagh ( ex founding partner of Domino Design Kitchens ) to provide Green Environmentally Friendly Bio-Degradable Cleaning Products to the Hospitality Sector.

We are a registered Irish Company who imports the best quality products from a Scottish Manufacturer.  We sell & distribute the products directly to the Business Customer with the latest EU., Approved Health & Safety Information Documents.