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Aiding and Incentivising Organisations to Achieve Energy Savings

As part of the Better Energy Programme the Irish Government has placed an obligation on key energy utilities, fuel importers and named market players to meet specified energy saving targets as part of a multi-annual programme. ENPROVA has been set up by the Irish Petroleum Industry Association (IPIA) to achieve these targets.

In order to meet these obligations we are required to become actively involved in aiding and incentivising organisations to achieve energy savings, and maximise their effect.

Independent Private Company

As a private company that do not sell energy products to their clients, we are unique amongst obligated parties in this regard. Therefore we are best placed to progress the relationship between the industry and the obligated party to achieve the best result for both sides. As we are not conflicted in any manner, our input and dedication to your business is our only priority. It is this approach that allows our clients to have full confidence in our commitment to their business.

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