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WEEE Ireland


What Is WEEE Ireland All About?

  • A Compliance scheme organising the environmental management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries on behalf of our members.
  • Our members are Producers at the top of the supply chain for the Irish Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and batteries market. Producer Obligations »
  • Private limited company owned by members and operate under approval of the Minister.
  • Not for profit – revenue raised by scheme solely to meet the obligations of members.
  • WEEE Ireland operates under a transparent corporate governance, for details on the organisation structure and board of directors, view our Weee Annual Report 2013 »
WEEE Recycling Cage

WEEE Recycling Cage


What Do We Do?

  • Manage the collection, recovery and recycling of WEEE and waste batteries on behalf of our members.
  • Develop and roll out public and trade awareness initiatives and campaigns to promote WEEE and battery recycling.
  • Advise Producer members on compliance obligations under the WEEE and waste batteries Regulations »
  • Work closely with Retailers, Local Authorities, other collection points and stakeholders to develop the WEEE and battery take back system in Ireland.
  • Work with European colleagues in the WEEE Forum and Eucobat to share experiences, technical information and best practice in compliance scheme management on behalf of our members.

Benefits of Membership

  • Producers have exemptions from certain parts of the Irish WEEE Regulations when they hold a certificate from an approved body such as WEEE Ireland.
  • WEEE Ireland helps Members meet their producer responsibility through collection, recovery, and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.
  • Joining WEEE Ireland means a Producer is a Member of the largest compliance scheme in Ireland for WEEE and battery Management with over 800 Members.
  • WEEE Ireland actively promotes proper environmental management of WEEE and waste batteries across many different media channels to raise awareness on behalf of its Members.
  • Members of WEEE Ireland also have access to support services of the WEEE Ireland Compliance Team which includes start up information.
  • Meetings, emails and compliance reviews are carried out by our Compliance Team to help you towards achieving compliance with the WEEE, Battery and RoHS Regulations.

Lauralynn WEEE

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