EV Charging – Are you Charged Up?

On Oct 6, 2020 by ghadmin.

Many hotels and guesthouses across the country have already installed Electric Vehicle Car Charging points. Some have installed medium/fast chargers with the majority focusing in basic 7-22kW units which deliver a good charge overnight.

But the majority of hotels and guesthouses still do not have EV Chargers. I recently watched a hotel run a cable through an external window so a guest could charge their car – this is not service!

The law is changing also which will require businesses with car parks to provide EV charging, but why wait when there are marketing opportunities here. People with 100% Electric Cars all have maps showing where car chargers are located – if your accommodation has a charger customers could choose you – alternatively, your competitor could get the call! In Killarney, for example, only 3 hotels are on the ESB Networks Map – out of all the hotels in Killarney

Have a look at some maps and who around you has a charger, such as Tesla – the following link gives you access to all the maps – Open Charge Map . It is quite surprising to see vast swathes of Ireland, with hotels, not providing what is fast becoming a necessary service.

Charge or Free – your choice – many accommodation providers give free overnight charging and depending on the sophistication of the unit can charge during the day or levy a fixed fee if just a straight charger.

To give you some more information here is a link to a UK company blog about EV’s – Hendy.

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