Carbon Neutral12

Green MARK Master Plastic Smart 2019Carbon neutral, also called carbon neutrality, is a term used to describe the action of organisations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each put in to it. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero-carbon footprint.

A Carbon Neutral hospitality business is generally accepted as a business that has measured its Scope 1 & 2 Emissions (Electricity and Fossil Fuels consumed on site) and industry specific Scope 3 Emissions (Business Travel & Laundry impacts) and achieved a zero-carbon footprint by implementing a Carbon Reduction programme, Reducing energy consumption, investing in renewables and offsetting their net carbon footprint, if necessary.

The GREENMark recognises that many businesses are interested in achieving this status and has created the GREENMark Carbon Neutral12 as a standard to enable businesses to achieve this and promote their actions to consumers.

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Hotel Doolin, Doolin, Co Clare – September 2019