Awards and Green Marketing

Green Marketing

Competitive Advantage can be gained by promoting your business’s “Green” image. Find out how to communicate your responsible and sustainable message here in a positive and modern way.  Customers will not be wowed by the fact that you operate a Towel Reuse Programme – after all, they do this at home every day!”  What will wow them is the message about how much you have donated to local environmental causes as a result of guests (Them) supporting your towel reuse programme and the fact that you use rainwater and renewable energy to launder them.

Our objective here is to challenge you to make your information and communications about your responsible and sustainable approach to your business interesting and relevant.  Have a look at the whole Green Awards concept below as winning one/more of these can add to your competitive message.

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Green Awards

There are many Responsible, Sustainable and Environmental Awards run by various organisations – locally, Nationally, European and Worldwide.  These awards can be for individual businesses, destinations, types of businesses, towns/cities, etc.  You need to differentiate here the difference between General Awards and Certification Awards – such as the Eco-label and Awards.  What is excellent is that the majority of “Green Awards” for Hospitality, Travel & Tourism won in Ireland over the past decade have been won by members as the process involved in becoming certified creates a perfect platform for application for many of these awards.

Winning or being shortlisted is a great achievement for any applicant and can be used to demonstrate good practice and an on-going comitment to sustainability.  There are also huge benefits for employees and individual participants who can see their hard work recognised.

Applying in itself is an excellent quality management activity as it requires you to critique your own activities and present them in a well thought out and focused way and to provide metrics to back up your claims.  This is excellent discipline and often helps organisations refocus their efforts.

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