Our Internationally recognised Environmental Award Programme – Eco-label or Award for the Built Environment. Whilst we recommend working towards certification to all members it is an optional process but a logical follow on after you have implemented your Resource Efficiency Programme and helps you to;

Maintain the savings you embed through the Resource Efficiency improvements

- Maintain the standards you have introduced within your business

- Promote your business as being a Green and Responsible Business – independently verified

Included here are all the documents you will find within your Green Folder, as well as additional documents if you are planning to achieve the Silver or Gold Awards.

Introduction to the Green Hospitality Programme

- Start up Checklist
- General Introduction
- Criteria Document V.13

Certification Information V.13

- Certification Guide Introduction 
- Eco-label Mandatory Criteria Certification Guide

Verification Information V.13

- Verification Introduction
- Verification – Eco-label Mandatory
- Verification – Award Mandatory
- Verification – Optional


- Link to Benchmark Workbooks

Tools & Templates

- Link to available downloads

Promoting a Green Business

- Introduction
- Marketing & Business Information  
- Using the Green Hospitality Logos

Application for Certification

- Certification application process
- Eco-label Certification Application Form
- Award Certification Application Form

Annual Reporting

- Annual Member Declaration

Terms & Conditions

- Terms & Conditions
- Copyright