PACKAGING WASTE Major Producer Legal Requirements

PACKAGING WASTE Major Producer – Enquiry Form has developed a Ready Reckoner which allows any hospitality business work out if they are a major producer of packaging waste. Major Producers are required by law to become compliant with the regulations. There are 2 ways to become compliant – Join a Compliance Scheme or become Self-Compliant. recommends to Major Producers within the hospitality sector (Hotels, restaurants, Pubs, Large Attractions) to join the Compliance Scheme run by REPAK.

Complete this enquiry form and we will send you this workbook for you to complete We also offer members a FREE and Confidential service to assist in the completion of the workbook and any questions you may have. ( members please note: Compliance with legislation and regulations is a cornerstone of certification)

If you(we) identify that your business is a Major Producer of Packaging Waste we would advise you to engage immediately and become compliant

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