Green Marketing Service

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How well does your website tell your responsible or sustainability story – are you communicating your message correctly for your target audience? We will give you advice on how to make your messages appealing and compelling that will motivate your target audience. The Service will deliver a 20-25 page report. has secured a special price for Irish Hospitality Businesses – only available when ordered through this website

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Product Description

We identify examples of how you communicate sustainability and analyse them against criteria of persuasiveness: how experiential, active, appealing, emotional they are, for example. We test how likely your products are to encourage repeat visits, to reduce seasonality, to upsell, to increase length of stay. We then look at the overall quality of the medium of your website. In fact we use 42 indicators to give you advice on how to improve your website, which will give you plenty of ideas to pick and choose from.


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