About Us

The Green Hospitality Programme is the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Resource for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Ireland.

GHP provides Resource Efficiency Advice, Support and Consulting to the Tourism & Hospitality sector across Ireland. GHP also offers an environmental certification programme which is the only Irish developed certification standard for the whole hospitality sector.

Green Hospitality has been run by Maurice Bergin since 2004. Maurice spent 30 years in the hospitality industry in Ireland, UK and South Africa and is a Graduate from Shannon College of Hotel Management, holds a Masters Degree from DIT Cathal Brugha (Now TUD) and studied at Cornell University.

Maurice has been a hotel manager, guesthouse and restaurant owner, food hygiene consultant, general business consultant and is now the leading hospitality environmental consultant in Ireland.

He was a founder of the Green Hospitality Programme and constantly promotes the sound commercial reasons for tourism and hospitality businesses to adopt a responsible tourism approach whilst also doing their bit for the future of our planet.


Resource Efficiency leads to reduced costs across Energy, Water and Waste within a business. GHP has particular expertise in these areas and is confident that it can assist any business in reducing their costs. Tourism and Hospitality businesses can engage with GHP at any support level – be it Energy Management, site visit reviews, training, workshops/Master Classes, benchmarking, etc. Whatever your need engage with us. Our GREENSave packages offer various levels of support depending on your need.

Businesses that engage with us have saved up to E100,000 per annum in reduced costs  Energy, Water, Landfill & Food Waste. Your ideal initial entry point into Green Hospitality is to engage with us through our GREENStart Service Package – benchmark your performance, receive a site visit and report and from this develop an action plan that will initially focus on reducing your business costs. You will have total control at all times and can decide on the focus and speed of any action – our job is to support and advise you.

Certification & Recognition

Certification is an optional choice for businesses. Many larger hospitality businesses, especially hotels, are finding that their customers and business clients are expecting them to have programmes in place. The Green Hospitality Eco-label and Awards are recognised both nationally and internationally as standards that allow members achieve good environmental performance and allow visitors to choose Greener hospitality businesses knowing that defined criteria are being implemented and monitored. We find that businesses that choose to proceed along the certification route maintain long term costs reductions as well as gaining a competitive marketing advantage.

Recognition suits many smaller businesses who are implementing good environmental practices but do not have the resources to implement a certification programme. ?We offer a GreenTravel.ie Approved business programme that is simple to apply for and allows businesses access to our Consumer focused Responsible Tourism website – www.greentravel.ie.

Our Criteria

To achieve certification businesses must implement a set of mandatory criteria, backed up with a numbe rof optional critera. We provide public access t the criteria we apply based on international good practice and reflecting the demands of the current business climate. Visitors & consumers can see that members follow a robust and demanding process and we welcome feedback from visitors regarding any of our members or any comments regarding the programme or criteria.?

To view the criteria for any of the hospitality businesses we certify click here……....

Certification Programme – GreenHospitality.ie?Certification

– Eco-label – the first step towards Good & Best Practice – for the Built Environment – members implement a set of criteria and commence “Greening” their business

– Award – this should be the target for all members – the award is challenging yet feasible and sets the business on the road towards best practice. ?The Awards build on the Eco-labels. ?There are 2 award levels available;

– Silver Award – Good Practice
– Gold Award – Best Practice

(The GreenHospitality.ie Award is a Type 1 Eco-Label as defined by the ISO – International Organisation for Standardisation).

– GHP.ie CSR Mark of Good Practice

In 2018 GHP.ie will trial the first Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Mark of Good Practice for the Hospitality sector. ?It is currently under development and will allow hospitality businesses demonstrate how they incorporate good practice in;

– Environment

– Employee care

– Social/Community engagement

More information will be made posted as soon as it is available.? If you are interested in knowing more contact Maurice Bergin directly at maurice@greenhospitality.ie

Who are the Programmes for?

All Hospitality Businesses can reduce their costs by becoming more efficient and can also be certified to either the Eco-label or Award. The general principle for all members is to implement an Environmental Management System and this requires you to identify the environmental issues within your own business.?Our CSR Mark of Good Practice can also be achieved by most businesses.

We invite members from the following sub-sectors:?

  • Hotels and Guesthouses
  • Large Accommodation Providers
  • Other businesses who feel that Certification is the route they wish to take

Our GREENMark provides a recognition programme for smaller hospitality businesses, including;

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Bed & Breakfasts, Self Catering and other accommodation providers
  • Contract & Institutional Caterers
  • Leisure Centres, spas and other leisure facilities
  • Clubs and Golf Clubs
  • Campsites
  • Activity Providers and Tourism Attractions and Eco-tourism enterprises
  • Tourism Destinations
  • Festivals and Events