The Green Hospitality Programme has allowed our hotel to revolutionise the way we manage our
resources and control some significant expenditure. The results speak for themselves. Just to
mention one key success, we went from Zero to 85% recycling in 3 years, The Green Hospitality
Program does what it says on the tin!

PAUL GALLAGHER, President IHF 2010-2012, General Manager, Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin

The Green Hospitality Programme is a ‘No Brainer’, We have got back 100 times what we have
put into it – the programme has opened our eyes to improved efficiency in our business through
a simplified environmental management approach. I would recommend the programme to
businesses of all sizes.

PATRICIA KENNEDY, Proprietor, The Moorings Bar and Restaurant, Portmagee, Co. Kerry.

The GHP programme has provided Sodexo with an environmental management system that we
can use to measure our performance in each of our client sites across the country. This provides
cost efficiencies for our clients by reducing utilities such as gas, electricity and water usage.
The programme compliments Sodexo’s ‘’Better tomorrow Plan’’ which targets reducing our
environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint in Ireland and globally.

AIDAN WALKER, Account Director, Sodexo Ireland

I have worked with the Green Hospitality Programme with the Armada Hotel and Hotel Doolin
for the past four years, I see it as one of the best business decisions that I have made, being a
win all round situation for the business. Certification to the Silver Award has improved our brand
image, resulted in substantial cost savings, and provided exciting challenges for the team. I have
continually recommended the programme to colleagues in the industry, and have no hesitation in
saying it will be something they will thank me for.

JOHN J BURKE, Managing Director, Armada Hotel and Hotel Doolin, Co. Clare

The Green Hospitality Programme compliments Rezidor’s award winning Corporate Social
Responsible (CSR) programme, known within the Rezidor Group as Responsible Business.
The GHP provides Rezidor with additional environmental reporting and benchmarking tools.
The programme has resulted in remarkable savings through no cost and low cost measures. In
addition corrective actions can be anticipated in a timely manner; this should convince and inspire
any business to join this programme.

CAITRIONA MCGROARY, Responsible Business Coordinator, Radisson Blu St Helen’s Hotel, Dublin

We started working with the GHP in 2009 and the framework and guidance the programme has given us has been invaluable. The reduction in electricity consumption by over 30% alone has had a huge impact on the hotels profitability, with over 250,000 fewer units used than last year. Focusing on reducing our waste also meant we are able to save €6500 on refuse collection, a 32% decrease on 2008. The programme has most importantly allowed us to develop a real culture of environmental management at The Maritime Hotel.

Simon Tiptaft, General Manager, Maritime Hotel, Bantry, Co Cork