Services ( is the Irish Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Resource for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism.’s objective is to support the Irish Hospitality sectors drive to improve its Sustainability by providing both a certification and recognition programmes plus direct resource efficiency support.  These assist businesses in focusing on good practice and on the minimisation of Energy, Water and Waste costs.

We offer a wide range of supports and programmes that businesses can choose from and implement at their own time.  Our approach is to support businesses over the long-term in building their capacity, skills and knowledge about sustainable practices and ensuring that all stakeholders can benefit from the results.

Main Services

Green Hospitality Certification Programme – Consumer Website

GREENMark by – recognition programmes

Green Trading Company – Consulting services and specific product promotion 

Green Hospitality Certification Programme – Eco-label and Awards offers an internationally recognised environmental certification that enables larger businesses gain competitive advantage by achieving the standard which enables them to then promote their responsible credentials, as well as using it to maintain the cost savings introduced through better resource efficiencies.   Certification is optional though strongly recommended.

We are also developing the first Irish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mark of Good Practice for Hotels which incorporates Environmental, Employee and Community elements. – GREENMark – Consumer Promotion and Small Business Recognition is our consumer website that promotes sustainable tourism businesses to visitors and tourists.  For smaller businesses and activities, we operate our GREENMark Eco-Friendly recognition programme which allows them to be identified as sustainable businesses.

Our GREENMark also includes the following programmes; Plastic Smart, Carbon Smart, Green Destinations and Greener Festivals.

Green Trading Company – Resource Efficiency Consulting and Support

GTC focuses on providing practical support with a major focus on energy management. We identify opportunities, support grant aid/financial applications for projects and provide training, advice and ongoing support to businesses. Membership of GHP is not required to receive support.

GTC also promotes services that can reduce costs or enhance the sustainable message a business wishes to make – Our main services are – GREENClean and Clean the World.

With Energy and Water forecast to see large unit cost increases in the coming years we can assist businesses in reducing costs by focusing on reducing consumption.


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