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Green Festivals & Events Recognition Programme

How To Join

Green Hospitality operates a member recognition programme for Festivals/Events which enables participating members to be formally recognised and entitles them to use the Greener Festivals logo within their marketing materials.  Formal Recognition delivers a number of key benefits;

Consistency  This formal recognition and process enables Festivals/Events to maintain a consistent approach to their Green actions.

Sponsorship  Recognition can assist Festivals and Events in approaching Sponsors who have Corporate Social Responsibility internal programmes and can assist Festivals/Events in retaining Sponsorship.

Promotion  Members are published on the and websites and recognition can also enable festivals/events to be listed on other third party websites.

Information on how to Register for our Recognition Programme. Click here

Green Festival & Event General Resource File

(The Greener Festivals & Events Logos are registered trademarks and can only be used by authorised festivals/events)