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Green Festivals & Events – Resource File

Greener Festivals & Events is a voluntary responsible programme developed by to assist Festivals & Events, of any size, in adopting a Responsible approach to the management of the festival/event.  More and more visitors expect this type of sustainable behaviour from festivals and events and as most festivals/events have an extremely large local community aspect it would appear logical to protect the local environment as much as possible.

This is a FREE Resource for Festivals and Events as the development of the programme was fully funded by the Environmental Protection Agency through the Green Hospitality Programme.

The documents available  consist of the process a Festival/Event should take, with examples where available of good practice.  Also available is a suite of information sourced by from Ireland (Including from Failte Ireland) which can be used by Green Managers to grow and develop the Responsible approach of their festival/event.

We welcome any collateral material any festival wishes to share that demonstrates Good Practice or can assist other festivals/events in adopting new ideas/practices.

Please feel free to download any item you find on these Greener Festival & Event webpages.

Greener Festivals & Events is a fully inclusive programme – what we are asking of Festival Committees is a commitment to start making a difference and adopting the responsible and environmentally sustainable approach to running their operation.

For those Festivals & Events that would like to be formally recognised as a “Greener Festival or Event” GHP operates a recognition programme.

Recognition Programme Joining Information

Green Programme – Step by Step Process

Further Resources

Green Festival & Event – Quick Checklist

The list of actions below summarises the steps that every festival/event should be taking if their claim to be “Greener” can have any veracity. 

–    Get the Commitment of the Festival/Event Organising Committee to start the process of becoming a more Responsible Festival/Event

–    Select a Green Team Co-ordinator, Identify and recruit a Green Team and commence the process

–    Develop your Greener Festival/Event Plan – Create a Green Folder, Identify the scale and scope of your efforts – write down the actions you are going to take – and who will action them!

–    Develop a method to measure the volume of Waste that will result from the direct activities of the Festival/Event.  (Include Water and Energy consumption ideally from Year one)

–    Set up a method to measure the numbers of visitors that will attend the festival/Event.

–    Develop a Communication Plan to advise all stakeholders about the “Green” initiatives.  This must include a set of Green Pages on the festival/event website.

–    Develop a Transport Plan to encourage and facilitate a reduction in the use of private vehicles by visitors when attending.

–    Develop a Waste Minimisation, Separation and anti-Litter Plan

–    Green your administration – make sure that the “Organisers Office” structure adopts good environmental practices.

–    Adopt a “Green the Supply Chain” process to influence the behaviour of suppliers and other  stakeholders.

–    Draw up an overall Policy, Vision…Statement that allows you to easily communicate what you are trying to achieve by implementing these Greener policies and strategies and publish it on your website

For Recognition you also need to implement the following..

–          Join the GFEP and pay your membership fee

–          Use the Checklists to assess your current performance

–          Sign the GFEP Environmental Charter

–          Identify and initiate at least 5 other opportunities

Provide GFEP with a Post Event report within 2 months of the end of the event