Green Festivals & Events – Further Resources

General Resource Files

The documents that you can access here are designed to support your implementation of a more environmentally responsible approach to running your festival. There is a wealth of information available and over time we will aim to sort it into more manageable sections and add more as we collect it.

What is important is that you start the process – and then build on it over a number if years. This works for annual festivals – with one-off festivals it is more of a challenge and the principles must be included within the festival programme from the start – or at least a set of specific targets, such as;

– Waste Management Programme

– Water Management Programme

– Renewable Energy Purchase


Green Meetings Guide

A Guide to running green meetings and events – Failte Ireland – Download here…

Green Meeting Industry Council – Guides and White Papers


Green Festival Programme Documentation

You will find all the GHP Greener Festivals & Events documentation here. Festivals & Events that become members will be provided with a folder and logos with all their information already printed. Every document that is required is included as a word document so that festivals can copy information into their own documents, if required.

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Green Festival Support Documentation

You will find a number of resources here which you should read and where practical add to your Green Plan and implement.

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Green Festival Support – Information and Resources – Recognition Programme Members

This section is designed for GHP Greener Festivals & Events Members. We will populate this section with case studies, guides, ideas, materials, etc, that we find from Green Festivals and Events and organisations around the world. Access the Members Section here – Login

You will require a username and password to access this resource file. If you are not a member of the recognition programme go here – Registrationand complete the application formand we will start the process.