Green Festivals & Events – Step by Step Process

Step by Step Approach

The Greener Festivals & Events Programme (GFEP) is designed to take you through a series of actions and decisions which, when implemented, will result in your event being a more responsible one, and position you to gain recognition for it, through the GHP Recognition Programme.

What do you do next?

  1. Download all the sheets noted below
  2. Buy a Lever Arch Folder and file the sheets accordingly
  3. Read everything
  4. Then start…….commitment is first – from your committee.


GFEP Document Register (Items marked with a * are additional requirements for the Greener Festivals Recognition Programme)

Welcome to Greener Festivals & Events  Download Here
*Joining the Greener Festivals & Events Recognition Programme  Download Here
Commitment  Download Here
*Becoming a Greener Festival or Event – Checklists for Members and Supporters  Download Here
*GFEP Environmental Charter  Download Here
Vision, Policy, Mission Statement  Download Here
Developing a Green Team  Download Here
Organisation & Planning  Download Here
Complete Green Folder Download  Download Here
Monitoring & Measuring  Download Here
Communication  Download Here
Transport Plan  Download Here
Waste Plan  Download Here
Green your administration  Download Here
Green your Supply Chain Download Here
*GFEP Identifying Opportunities  Download Here
*Post Festival Review  Download Here
Other Information  Download Here

Master Download.  By Clicking here you can download a PDF copy of all the Green Folder documents CLICK Here…..  (For Adjustable Word documents click individually above)