Certification Criteria

Sectoral Criteria

GreenHospitality.ie offers one certification programme which is ideal for Hotels & Large Accommodation Providers and tourism businesses that wish to implement a certification programme.  The Criteria are available below.

For small tourism and hospitality businesses there are 2 options – go for full certification or go for recognition through our GreenMark by GreenTravel.ie programme.

This is the heart of the Certification Programme and should be the recurring reference document used by each business – even if you are not planning to go for certification at this time the criteria enclosed are designed to make your business more Resource Efficient and enable you to communicate your sustainable actions more clearly to your customers.

Hotels and Large Accommodation Providers (Including Resorts)   Criteria Available here

Within the members section we provide additional information on how to achieve certification and tools and templates to support your progress.

Certification Criteria 

GreenHospitality.ie is an Internationally recognised hospitality environmental certification label/award.  To achieve this recognition requires GHP.ie to set quite strict standards and for certified members to implement and maintain them.

Businesses that wish to be recognised as being “Greener” / environmentally certified cannot expect to achieve a certified label without putting in the required work.  Our partners and supporters join with GHP.ie in demanding a robust set of criteria that will allow certified businesses to set themselves apart from Green-Washing – in-house self-certified standards, third party box ticking exercises or third parties who set themselves up as promoters of green businesses. 

The GHP.ie process is a step-by-step approach.

1.  Membership – Join GHP.ie and identify what certification suits your business, and what actions you need to take

2.  First step – decide whether your business will go for the Eco-label or the Award initially – we recommend implementing the Eco-label to a high standard first

3.  Next step - if applicable decide what higher level of certification you wish to achieve – Silver or Gold

You decide the timescale to achieve any certification level – a timescale that suits your businesses operation.

At the core of our criteria is the requirement for every business, operator, to put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) that will ensure that the standards implemented will be maintained.

Have a look at the criteria that applies to your business, use them as a checklist to see how close you are already to achieving the First step – then make an application to join GHP.ie and start the process.

Once you are a member you will gain access to the members section which provides many more supports, tools, templates etc…all designed to assist you in achieving certification and reducing waste (Energy, water and raw materials).