Green Hospitality – Membership

Why join the Green Hospitality Programme?

The Green Hospitality Programme has been designed by Hospitality Managers and Environmental Experts to provide a methodology for hospitality businesses to implement best practice environmental management. Potential members should ask themselves 2 key questions:

Do we want to achieve a recognised Environmental Award to enable the business to gain a competitive advantage in a world where customers are increasingly demanding sustainable travel?   

Do we want to reduce our operating costs – energy, water & waste?

If you answer yes to either of these questions you should be engaging with us to support your efforts and identify the steps you need to implement within your business

If you are still unsure – have a read of this – Responsible Tourism – Whats in it for me

How do I Engage with Green Hospitality?

Just complete an enquiry form telling us what services/support you are interested in and we will contact you directly. Click on the link below.

Membership & Services Brochure

Benefits to members include:

  • Ability to identify opportunities to reduce consumption/cost of Waste, Water and Energy, up to 40% +
  • Training in Best Practice in Hospitality Environmental Management. Available at discounted rates for members
  • On Site visit and Environmental Review and Report identifying immediate actions business can take to manage costs and consumption available at an extra charge
  • Benchmarking of Waste, Water & Energy against National & International Standards
  • Carbon and Water Footprinting to International Standards
  • Best Practice Guides, tools and templates designed to assist the business in achieving targets set and understanding the issues involved
  • Updates and advice on Legislative changes
  • On site Audit/Verification and receipt of Certificate when award standards are achieved
  • Ability to promote your business as a Greener operation to customers
  • Supports your businesses in-house Corporate Social Responsibility requirements
  • Improves staff morale through engagement and demonstration of your businesses CSR actions
  • Included as a member within the GHP website and consumer website (T&C)

Cost Savings achieved by Green Hospitality members

The reduction in costs experienced by some of our members has been between E5,000 and E100,000 in the first year, after implementation of the programme and with direct support.

The really surprising factor is that most of these savings come from low or no cost systems and practices being put in place in each property.

Overall savings by Green Hospitality members were over c. E8 million in 2019 alone and run to c. E50+ million to date. The programme has proved that hotels can save the equivalent of E1,000 per available room per year in their initial years implementation.