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GREENClean tersano

“GREENClean tersano – Changing the way you Clean”


(Stabilised Aqueous Ozone has been tested against enveloped viruses (which Covid-19 is) and was effective in eliminating >99.99% of these viruses with a one minute dwell time)

GREENClean tersano is a revolutionary & environmentally safe methodology of cleaning that reduces chemical use by up to 100% and provides sanitisation whilst reducing air pollution and improving the environmental credentials of your business and delivers substantial cost savings on traditional cleaning chemicals at least 50%.

Whole of Hotel Cleaning Service – from only Euro 3.00 per day or Euro 92 per month*

GREENClean tersano protects your employees and customers from toxic emissions from cleaning chemicals and reduces allergic reactions to chemicals a growing Health & Safety concern.

– Low setup costs
– Immediate Substantial Cost savings
– No Long Term CommitmentBetter for People and the Planet

Kills Viruses

We believe that your experience after starting the GREENClean tersano system will be to become a customer for life.

Key benefits

  • Reduced Cleaning Chemical Costs – at least 50%
  • Low setup cost
  • Kills Bacteria and Viruses
  • Improves the health of your employees and protects against allergies and irritants
  • Improves the health of your customers – especially those with allergies
  • Minimises waste from used cleaning chemical containers
    • Supporting the War against Plastics
  • Reduces the environmental impact of cleaning products
  • Reduces emissions caused by the transportation of chemicals
  • Reduces the chemical load/cost on your wastewater treatment plant – where applicable

Who can use GREENClean tersano?

Every business that has a cleaning requirement = every business. We have a package that works for the smallest to the largest tourism or hospitality business.

GREENClean Tersano is in use in;

– Guinness Storehouse
– Radisson Blu Hotel, Sligo
– Bewley’s Cafe, Dublin
– Killarney Park Hotel
– The Ross Hotel, Killarney
– The Twelve Hotel, Galway
– The Wild Atlantic Lodge, Ballyvaughan
– Castlerosse Resort Hotel, Killarney
– Mezzino Student Accommodation – Dublin and Galway

and across hundreds of contract cleaning and facility management sites throughout Ireland

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*GREENClean tersano – Supporting the Fight against Coronavirus

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