GREENStart – Your First step

We recommend that any business commencing engagement with starts with a GREENStart service. This will allow us to visit your business and understand how it operates and what challenges and opportunities you have and give you on site direct support.

There are 2 GREENStart Options available;
– GHP                        – Certification Support Service
– GTC – Standard    – Resource Efficiency Health Check 
– Enhanced  – Resource Efficiency Health Check 

Certification Support Service

This service is designed to provide on-site support for a business who wishes to commence the Certification Programme. We will provide our Green Folder and tools and templates and go through the process with the Green Champion/Team.
We will conduct a general walk-through of the property showing you how to complete the required documents, which will enable you to achieve certification to Eco-label quite quickly.

The cost of a Certification GREENStart service is from €995 per property

Resource Efficiency Health Check

This service focuses on identifying cost saving opportunities for the business with a particular look at energy reduction opportunities – it is designed as a general scoping service. The service will include;
– Benchmarking – Energy & Water – with a waste cost overview
– Site Visit – a half day site visit including an overnight stay for accommodation providers
– Review report including a Benchmarking Analysis with a focus on energy costs, Identification of Energy, Water & Waste efficiency opportunities, Energy project grant aid opportunities and other sustainability and cost saving opportunities that we can see.

Our initial focus is on No and Low-Cost proposals and we aim to identify at least €1,000 worth of no cost solutions for the business.  Following this review, we will make a next step engagement proposal, if relevant. We assess what we feel will best suit your needs and business and put forward a proposal. (Enhanced RE Health Check

The cost of a Standard Resource Efficiency Health Check is €1,250 per property (For businesses with Utility Costs less than €200,000)
The cost of an Enhanced Resource Efficiency Health Check is from €1,500 per property (For businesses with Utility Costs more than €200,000)

(If you wish a combined service please ask us for a quotation)