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When you look at a menu what do you see? Prices, Allergens, the Provenance of Beef (If you are following the law) and generally very poor sustainability or provenance information about the rest of the food you are asking your customers to ingest. Do you read the food critic reports? Pretty much all of them now include notes about provenance – why do you not do this? Is it that you don’t care or you don’t want to let your customer know where the food they are eating is coming from – because it is cheaper than equivalent good quality Irish sourced food?

Seafood is a different challenge but there are some simple supports available to you to offer it sustainably to your customers – the most important action is to understand that at certain times of the year some seafoods are just not available, sustainably, and you need to take them off your menu.

Enclosed is a link to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance guide to sourcing seafood sustainably – if you are serious about the environment apply their principles now!

How to sustainably source seafood in the hospitality industry