Sustainability key for future-proofing businesses

On Nov 25, 2019 by ghadmin.

There is a growing willingness among businesses to become more sustainable, although many will wonder how they can do so without putting their bottom line under significant pressure. 

ThePwC Business Leaders Series – Responsible Businessheld in Dublin recently, hopefully went some way to answering that.

The summit’s keynote speaker was Steve Howard, the former chief sustainability officer at IKEA.

Mr Howard said that sustainability is a much broader concept that just “going green”, adding that it is about how a business future proofs itself.

He said the big issues shaping the world today – from a sustainability point of view – include biodiversity, plastic pollution in the ocean and climate change.

Climate change has become an issue that business leaders have to address and have to address now, he stated, adding that it is not an issue you can wait for the next CEO to come along and deal with.

Listen to Steve Howard’s interview


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