As part of the Tourism Action Plan 2019-2021 the Tourism Leadership Group created a Sustainable Tourism Working Group

National and International research was conducted and in December 2019 the Sustainable Tourism Working Group Report was endorsed by the TLG and published.

As with so many other reports and plans Covid-19 intervened. However, in the Programme for Government this report and its suggested actions were specifically referenced. The PFG states that – “We will develop a Sustainable Tourism Policy document, and in advance of this an Interim Action Plan”

The Interim Action Plan is expected to focus strongly on the STWGR – so this is worth a read.

Climate Action is at the heart of the new Programme for Government and will impact every business sector in different ways. Every sector needs to actively engage rather than wait for instructions.

Our new Minister for Tourism is a Green Party Minister – Catherine Martin. We fully expect her to implement the agreed Climate Action policies found in the PFG within Tourism, along with Covid-19 recovery actions.