Irish shoppers more interested in sustainable packaging than global counterparts

On Mar 15, 2019 by ghadmin.

Irish Times:  Peter Hamilton – 13 March 2019

GHP Observation:  Consumers are making sustainability choices – are tourism providers reacting to this by demonstrating and promoting their own sustainability actions – in general – NO. 

Irish consumers are more concerned about product packaging than their global counterparts, a survey from financial services firm PwC has found.

It said 52 per cent of shoppers in the Republic avoid the use of plastics while just 41 per cent of global shoppers show the same concern.

Similar to global trends, four out of 10 Irish consumers are happy to pay a premium for sustainably produced products, while 68 per cent are willing to pay a premium for locally produced food.

PwC’s survey was carried out in autumn and winter 2018 among 1,005 Irish online consumers and 21,480 consumers globally.

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