Green Trading Company

The Green Trading Company (GTC) is our Consulting Service.  Within GTC we offer a variety of charged services that are available to any business.  These include;

GREENStart – the same service as offered through  We undertake a review of your Energy, Water and Waste and provide you with a review and report with a suggested series of actions that will reduce your costs.  We are confident about our service that we offer a 100% refund of our fee if we cannot identify no cost savings of the fee as part of the service.  This will involve a site visit and for hotels will include an overnight stay including sustenance. The fee starts @ €995 – call us to book a GREENStart service

GREENSupport - following the GREENStart report we will propose ongoing support to assist the business in implementing the proposals and achieving the cost savings and in securing whatever grant aid may be available (For energy we manage the sale of the energy credits where they are created)

GREENTrack – Our online resource consumption and benchmark service.  Enables businesses to monitor their consumption (Energy and Water) and compare it against other similar businesses – enables unit cost comparisons also.

GREENEnergy – there are a multitude of supports here focusing on assisting businesses to reduce their energy costs, consumption, Metering, Monitoring and Targeting,  We offer an independent service to manage energy credits created from energy efficiency projects allowing businesses to focus on securing the right equipment for their operation.

GREENFood – Minimising food waste delivers profit directly to the bottom line.  Our service enables food service businesses track and monitor their food waste and implement quick and effective solutions to avoid and minimise food waste.  Improvements to Gross Profits can be from 2-5%+ – with paybacks of less than 1 month.