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SEAI Energy Awards 2022

Applications open until 17th June 2022

EU plans to make Solar PV Mandatory

Solar rooftop obligation for commercial and public buildings as of 2026, and for new residential buildings as of 2029.

Sourcing Seafood Sustainably

Enclosed is a link to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance guide to sourcing seafood sustainably - if you are serious about the environment apply their principles now!

WTTC Launches Hotel Sustainability Basics

WTTC launches 12 basic sustainability criteria hotels should implement - NOW confirms that travellers want to stay in Sustainable Accommodation

The most extensive sustainable travel research from to date highlights increasing desire to make more mindful and conscious choices across the entire travel experience

WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards 2022

European Entries to be submitted by 31st August 2022

Planning for 2022 – Sustainability will be top of mind for guests

Having a sustainability policy, action plan and KPI's is no longer an optional for hotels - it is a must.

3 Man Made Crises are harming our Planet

Tourism businesses can positively respond to these crises by undertaking 3 specific actions to reduce Carbon Emissions, Eliminate Single Use Plastics and promote Biodiversity

Energy in Ireland 2020 Report – SEAI

Energy reductions were driven primarily by transport reductions due to Covid-19 - much more work is required Recognise Sustainable Hotels Launches First-of-its-Kind Travel Sustainable Badge to Lead Industry in Showcasing a Wider Variety of Sustainable Stays

Pub Sector Roadmap 2021

Single Use Plastics Banned