Click here to see our Members is delighted to be Clean the World’s partner on the Island of Ireland

Clean the World is a social enterprise that collects used hotel guest soaps and toiletries and converts them into hygienic supplies for disadvantaged communities around the world – and avoids sending these items to landfill. It enables hotels that wish to provide individual toiletries to guests to continue doing so knowing that they get another life.

This is a world class social programme that will resonate powerfully with your guests, and staff, and we recommend it to all hotels. Details about the programme and an application form can be found here;

Clean the World – Programme Introduction

Clean the World Flyer and Application Form

Clean the World Website

There is a cost associated with the programme ranging from less than 7 cents per room per day to 9 cents – less than half the cost of a single toiletry.(Hotels will see a saving on landfill charges) Hotels that are already responsible, legally compliant and that engage with our supporters will receive discounts.Any hotel in Ireland can join the CTW programme – membership with is not required.

Our Supporters include;

Irish Accommodation Services Institute
Irish Hospitality Institute
Failte Ireland

GreenCare by

GreenCare is’s programme that blends a Towel Re-use Programme with the Clean the World programme – together delivering a world class corporate social responsibility approach to this initiative – it demonstrates that the hotel is a leader in its field and understands that when guests engage practically that benefits should flow to as many parties as possible.

GreenCare encourages guests to engage with the hotels towel reuse programme which will drive costs down and effectively funds the Clean the World initiative.

An Introduction to GreenCare by can be found here……

If you would like engage with?GreenCare by email me at

Any hotel in Ireland can join the GreenCare programme – membership with is not required.