Green Trading Company

Resource Efficiency Consulting and Support

GTC focuses on providing practical support with a major focus on energy management. We identify opportunities, support grant aid/financial applications for projects and provide training, advice and ongoing support to businesses. Membership of GHP is not required to receive support.

GTC also promotes services that can reduce costs or enhance the sustainable message a business wishes to make – Our main services are – GREENClean and Clean the World.

With Energy and Water forecast to see large unit cost increases in the coming years we can assist businesses in reducing costs by focusing on reducing consumption.

Our Services Include……

GREENClean is a revolutionary environmentally safe methodology of cleaning that reduces chemical use by up to 100% whilst reducing air pollution and improving the environmental credentials of your business and delivers substantial cost savings on traditional cleaning chemicals – at least 50%.  More information here

Clean the World is a social enterprise that collects used hotel guest soaps and toiletries and converts them into hygienic supplies for disadvantaged communities around the world and also recycles the plastics.  More information here

GREENStart –  We undertake a review of your Energy, Water and Waste and provide you with a review and report with a suggested series of actions that will reduce your costs.  We are confident that we will find at least €1,500 worth of immediate savings . This will involve a site visit and for hotels will include an overnight stay including sustenance. The fee starts from €1,500 – email us to book a GREENStart service.  More information here.

GREENEnergy -  Saving energy is one of the largest cost reduction opportunities for any business and has extensive experience in assisting hospitality businesses in identifying those opportunities and assisting them in implementing the required actions.   We can also assist businesses in securing Grant Aid for energy efficiency projects – including – Lighting, Boilers, Motors, Drives, CHP’s, Pool covers, metering, etc.  More information here

For more information and support contact us at or call us on 021-4354688