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GREENMark Micro Certification

Our GREENMark’s are micro certification programmes.  We have GREENMarks for small businesses and for project specific activities and will expand these over time.
Businesses can implement these as stand-alone programmes alongside certification or on their own and use them to build skill and knowledge which can support an awards application.  Additional GREENMarks will be developed over time as we identify the need.

The Eco-Friendly Business GREENMark is a micro certification sustainability Eco-Label for smaller businesses, anywhere in the world,  that operate in a responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It is operated in conjunction with Green Hospitality and and any Irish tourism or hospitality B2C business that achieves the GREENMark will be listed on our consumer website  

It is designed to support the Irish  All-Island Sustainable Tourism Assurance programme that commenced in 2024 which is administered by Failte Ireland and Tourism Northern Ireland and it supports many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

The programme is primarily aimed at micro and small businesses that spend less than €100,000 per annum combined on Energy, Water and Waste.  It can also act as an initial step for any size business that wishes to commence implementing sustainability within their business and easily leads into the Green Hospitality Awards.

More information can be found here 

The Plastic Smart GREENMark requires businesses to eliminate and minimise identified Single Use Plastics in support of several national and international programmes including – EU Single Use Plastics Directive, Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and the IHF & REPAK Pledge on Plastic Packaging Waste

It will enable you to communicate your actions easily to your customers and stakeholders.

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The Carbon Smart GREENMark is designed to support businesses in becoming more Energy Efficient.  The business is required to implement a comprehensive Carbon Reduction programme which will reduce Scope 1 & 2 energy emissions and selected Scope 3 energy emissions.  This is also the required entry route to achieve the Carbon Neutral12 GREENMark

Businesses that are serious about energy management will want to achieve the Carbon Smart GREENMark.

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The Carbon Neutral12 GREENMark identifies a business that has implemented a comprehensive carbon reduction programme driving energy efficiency throughout their business over a period of time and has achieved a Net Zero Scope 1&2 carbon emissions using the designated approach adopted by Green Hospitality.

This is becoming an important business tool to create competitive advantage

Download our Carbon Neutral 12 GREENMark Brochure