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Calor Gas

Calor BioLPG is the first commercial, off-grid, renewable gas solution in Ireland. This new 100% renewable energy option is exclusively available from Calor and is an ideal energy option for the numerous Irish businesses that are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Conventional Calor liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is already used by thousands of hospitality businesses every day, providing off grid energy for a range of applications from cooking, space heating and water heating to powering tumble drying in on-site laundries. Calor LPG is a versatile, portable and manageable fuel that is easily stored and delivered in cylinder and bulk tank form. It is already one of the cleanest conventional fuels available, producing far lower carbon emissions than oil, coal, peat and even electricity. An example of this can be seen here in the case study for the Europe Hotel

Businesses making the switch to BioLPG will reduce their carbon emissions even further, as it offers a reduction in GHG emissions of at least 50% and up to 90%. BioLPG is delivered, stored and used in exactly the same way as conventional LPG. However, unlike conventional LPG, which is a fossil fuel, BioLPG is made from 100% renewable materials. These include recycled waste and residue materials and sustainably-sourced renewable vegetable oils.

Find out more about Calor BioLPG here.   The Brooklodge Hotel is a BioLPG user listen to them here

So for those businesses already using LPG powered catering equipment or heating appliances, the switchover process is extremely simple. There is no need to change existing LPG powered equipment. Typically, any equipment that is currently fuelled by oil, or even natural gas can operate on BioLPG, with a straightforward conversion similar to that needed for a switch to conventional LPG making renewable heat an affordable option for businesses also. Contact Calor on 01 450 5000 to arrange a call from a Calor Energy Consultant or visit for more information.