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The Castle Chafer is an energy and cost efficient substitute for traditional chafing dishes. It reduces running cost by 75%, is safer, cleaner and easier to operate running costs per chafing dish are reduced by c.1.00 per hour (If you use 4 every day x 4 hours = 5,840 saved per annum!)

The Castle Chafer uses a patented system to evenly and efficiently distribute heat in a waterless, insulation backed pan. This efficiency results in the Castle Chafer requiring one 230gram gas can where traditional chafers previously required 16 x 2 hour gel pots.

The Castle Chafer uses a gas burner that is controllable, cannot be blown out and incorporates a safety shut off that shuts the burner down if overturned or overheated. The chafer and burner are designed to complement each other, the burner is held securely in the retaining clip when in use and is easily removed to replace the gas can.

The gas can is a threaded valve can that is replaced simply by unscrewing and replacing with a full can.

A full can of gas will last between 12 and 16 hours depending on the temperature you like to maintain in the pan.

The Castle Chafer may be used waterless to maximise capacity, in this way the food pan holds 50% more food. It may also be used with water, but requires only 0.75 litres of water to perform as a traditional chafer.

The Castle Chafer retains most of the heat within the chafing dish compared to a traditional chafing dish (on the left) which wastes most of its heat.

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