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Genius Hub

GHP Comment: Green Hospitality is delighted to welcome GAIA Smart Energy and Genius Hub to our Recognised Supplier List.  

Genius Hub is an award winning smart heating system with a mission to bring sustainable, efficient heating to buildings across the UK and Ireland.

Winners of the “Energy Project of The Year: Commercial and Industrial” at The UK Energy Awards 2022, based on saving 64% on energy bills at The Belfry Hotel and Resort.

Genius Hub uses innovative smart heating solutions which not only significantly reduces carbon emissions from a building’s heating requirements, but also produces tangible cost savings, by turning every room into its own temperature controlled zone, only  rooms that require heat at any given time are heated, saving many customers around 30% on heating bills and in some cases significantly more.

With Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves and Motion Sensors, the Genius Hub learns the best  schedule automatically saving energy while keeping rooms warm.

Genius Hub is compatible with most heat pumps, gas, oil or biomass boilers, Air conditioning,  Ventilation, MVHR and enables control of almost any wet and electric heating system, all under one simple app. I have attached the Industrial controller specification sheet which enables Genius Hub to interact with a BMS.

The majority of devices are battery powered which is ideal for retrofits of commercial buildings.

Genius Hub only requires 10 minutes in each room to install the vital components, making for a  very quick and non-disruptive installation with no drilling, no holes and no mess.

No other control system can give individual occupancy controlled temperatures within rooms  wirelessly at the same price point as the Genius Hub; Genius Hub systems cost around one  third of the price of a standard building management system providing a comparable amount of control.

Genius Hub is also the most user-friendly system on the market due to its usability in  domestic settings. This is highlighted by the fact that a receptionist or maintenance manager of  a property can have full control over the heating with minimal training, which is ideal for  commercial customers and saves them further costs in employing a specialist to manage the  system.

Gaia Smart Energy, has carried out projects all over Ireland in Hotels, Golf Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Monasteries, Factories, Conference and Business Centres and homes.


“We were extremely pleased to calculate that the Genius Hub has saved us 64% off our heating costs meaning that the system has about a 2 year payback ont he cost of installation”

The Belfry Hotel, Birmingham