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GHP Comment: Green Hospitality is delighted to welcome heatboss to our Recognised Supplier List.  This is energy management 123!  heatboss gives direct control, room by room, radiator by radiator, of heating – allowing hotels and other accommodation businesses quickly and simply upgrade their systems and move beyond old basic TRV’s.  It delivers enhanced customer service with reduced costs with fast payback.  We love the product.

heatboss wireless heat management system enables you to control the heating within each room in your building independently. It suits new and existing buildings. We offer solutions to control zones, pumps, radiators, hot water, electric heaters, underfloor and integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) and Property Management Systems (PMS) in hospitality environments.

This short video highlights the key benefits that our clients find:

heatboss can be customized to suit your building’s specific needs, no matter what its physical plumbing. Our intelligent devices and control algorithms have been developed over years to optimise control, saving and comfort. For more details please see:  HOW IT WORKS 

heatboss is an innovative, wireless heating system for existing commercial and public buildings.  It’s simple and quick to retrofit and allows you to centrally control the on/off times and target temperatures within each individual room. Only heating where and when you need it and maintaining better room temperatures typically sees savings of around 30% on heating usage (if more than 75% of the heating is controlled by it), easier control and customisable comfort levels. The savings have been independently verified by University of Ulster’s Centre for Sustainable technologies.

heatboss is SEAI TripleE registered – its code is HZC69537


I have installed heatboss at the Clew Bay Hotel and found my heating usage to have declined rapidly. This investment is a no brainer, particularly in this high-cost environment. The team at headquarters are very professional and the installation was complete in one day.

Darren Madden, Proprietor, Clew Bay Hotel

The Sandhouse Hotel is an old building and was very expensive to heat. This was something that bothered me every day and I was constantly turning off radiators trying to cut costs. The hotel was never zoned properly and it was not feasible to do this. After a lot of research I came across a company called heatboss. I probably talked to them for 2 years before deciding to install their system. Throughout this time they were never pushy, they just kept providing more information.

I decided to take the plunge in September 2019. Our costs have practically halved from what they were a few years ago. We now have full control of each room individually. The guest also has control within the room. I can see from my phone at home the temperature of each room and can adjust it from anywhere. The system is vey simple to use and installation was totally hassle free. I would highly recommend the system and the company who are always available to take a call.

Paul Diver, Owner

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