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TRIA Green Oil

Category: Energy, Carbon Reduction, Heating

GHP Comment: Green Hospitality is delighted to welcome TRIA Green Oil to our Recognised Supplier List.  

Tria offer the lowest emission diesel replacement fuel available on the market for diesel engines.

Tria Green HVO Ireland is a drop in replacement that requires no engine modifications to run unlike Bio-Diesel , and results in a 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional diesel fuel.

Our fuel reduces maintenance cost, and offers fuel efficiency improvements as it burns more cleanly and more thoroughly, while reducing noise levels. In addition to this, local air quality is improved immediately through switching.

Benefits of Tria Green HVO
– 90% reduction in Carbon Emissions vs Conventional Diesel
– Direct drop in replacement, no modifications necessary – For Heating Oil Boilers a modified burner will be required – see Firebird for more information
– Secure Supply
– Forward Purchasing Available


Address: See website
Key Contact: Thomas Flynn