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Take control of your Heating

The intelligent wireless heat management system that saves 30% on your energy bills

heatboss is an innovative, wireless heating system for existing commercial and public buildings. It’s simple and quick to fit and allows you to centrally control the on/off times and target temperatures within each individual room.

To try to achieve this with your conventional heating controls, you may have the heat on across the whole building when it was actually only required in the occupied rooms.

In addition, you may have a few thermostats in place across the building, that set and monitor the temperature for the zone/whole building, except that comfort levels are a very personal thing and it is difficult to get one temperature setting that will suit each of your guests.

Your current heating controls may be leading to guests’ discomfort and are inefficient.

With heatboss, you can ensure each guest is comfortable whilst avoiding wasting energy by only heating the rooms that you need and enabling each room to have its own customisable target temperatures and on/off times.

So, if a guest wants more or less heat within their room, it does not impact any of the other guests’ settings. Each day, the room’s settings default back to the standard settings to ensure that each new guest can have the heating set to suit their own specific comfort requirements.

Our hotelier clients are seeing on average 30% savings on their heating consumption and have lots of very positive feedback from their guests.

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