New Waste Action Plan – Implications for Hospitality

On Sep 7, 2020 by ghadmin.

What are the key implications for hospitality and tourism? Covid-19 and Brexit are not going to stop the remorseless attack on waste across Europe. Smart businesses will take these challenges on board and put in place policies to be ahead of the curve, rather than wait to be punished or catch up.

Single Use Plastics Directive – Get rid of yours now – set a date to eradicate them – Use this Autumn/Winter to implement changes – One way to do this, and gain recognition, is to Achieve the Plastic Smart GREENMark.

Deposit Schemes – Initially aimed at Single Use Plastic Bottles and Cans

Food Waste – The government will investigate a Samaritan Act, allowing Food Service Establishments donate unused edible food for charitable purposes. (Investigate – typical word-speak for do nothing generally – what is there to investigate? Hotels alone throw away at least 25,000 tonnes of edible food annually – 25,000 TONNES. Give us a law to limit liability and let us do the rest)

Latte Levy – eventual full ban on disposable cups.

Single Use Hotel Toiletries – “We are committed to banning these….” Smart businesses will shift to Bulk Toiletries.

Single Use Sugar & Condiment items – “We are committed to banning these….”

There is a clear message here – legislation will force the issue anyway. Smart businesses will use the next 6-12 months to run down existing supplies and switch to more sustainable items.

Green Hospitality can assist your business. Get Smart – Get Plastic Smart.


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