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I have been working with Quickcrop in recent months to develop a Grow your Own product/package that I feel would suit hotels across Ireland to start.

With Sustainability and Biodiversity high on consumer concerns having some form of garden within your business and adding the output to your menus can deliver a very strong message to your customers, whilst effectively paying for itself as well.

What makes the Quickcrop offer different?

The packages available are designed to be a One-Stop-Shop and can enable a hotel start small and build over time – or start slightly larger.  Quickcrop provide all the materials, advice and support, to allow you get started quickly and will be available to guide and advise over time.

You don’t need to be a gardener with green fingers as they will be your green fingers – available online and able to supply all your needs.

What are the key benefits?

  • Grow herbs, and salads/vegetables, on your own property.
  • Use them within your menus to showcase your sustainability message.
  • Provides great seasonal messages for your social media interactions and stories.
  • Can fit into the smallest location – even on available roof space.
  • Expands your kitchens appreciation of food sourcing.
  • Pays for itself.
  • Completely scalable.
  • Full service available from Quickcrop – a One-Stop-Shop

What is the Cost? 

You can get started growing your own herbs 10 months in the year from €1,800 with a predicted value of €750 per annum – a 2.4 year payback.  Add in a Joraform Composter from  €1,050 and reduce annual food waste costs by up to €1,000 pa whilst delivering rich compost – and a great circular economy message.

What should I do next?

Read through the enclosed brochure and identify which package you could start off with.  Commit to making this happen and then contact Quickcrop and place your initial order – at the least get started on the Herb Garden

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